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Take your time, enjoy the day or weekend, and find out what Amalgam’s are all about. We offer the opportunity for private demos all season long. If interested, please send us an email at


Skis.  Made Custom to Order.

Part of what makes Amalgam unique is its small batch mindset.  We do not have an inventory of skis.  Each ski is custom built with the forethought of each individual customer; an attention to detail that is overlooked in mass produced ski brands. This also makes us unique in the indie ski world.  Rather than outsourcing our manufacturing to other factories, as many brands do, we manufacture our skis completely in-house. Every piece and part of the ski and manufacturing process has been in our hands and is sourced from materials that are as close to home and environmentally friendly as possible.

When you order a pair of skis, they will be made in the next small production batch. During the winter months, October to April, our general turn around time is 4 weeks.  However, often we get them to you in less time.  In the off-season, May-September, we will have your skis delivered to you on or before November 1st; just in time for when the snow flies.

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