Beginning with a solid wood core, made from sustainably and locally harvested maple and poplar trees, the ski feels light and snappy underfoot. A tapered thickness throughout the core delivers a consistent, stable flex through every turn. Hardwood maple stringers ensure a secure binding mount for trusted turns and landings.  


The vertical UHMW sidewall construction protects the wooden core from water damage and allows the ski to absorb all the abuse you can give it, while consistently maintaining a solid edge grip on snow. 



We use 1.2 mm thick Durasurf sintered base material. The occassional stick or stone are no match: This stuff is burly. 



Triaxial fiberglass offers torsional rigidity and a responsive flex pattern while keeping the ski light for making quick turns through tight trees and those uphill backcountry ascents.




Carbon Fiber tow cables are added to the ski layup to add stiffness and pop without sacrificing weight. This helps make for a ski that is light and playful as well as stable at higher speeds.



2 mm hardened steel edges damped with VDS shock absorption material protect your skis from delamination issues and make for sturdy edges that will help you lay down sweet carves on the iciest of slopes. 



"It's really special to know a local Mainer built my skis by hand just for me.  I even saw the shop and learned about the process."  --Chris K.