Artifact - 128/96/116mm, 19mR@174cm

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amalgam 2016 -2-71.jpg

Artifact - 128/96/116mm, 19mR@174cm


The Artifact is an all-around, every day, New England ripper.

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**NOTE: When selecting your skis you get to pick which topsheet color, base color, and AMALGAM inlay color you'd like your skis to be.  Choose from 4 colors for your topsheet, and one of numerous combinations for the colors of your base (scroll thru images for examples).


After a lot of time researching, prototyping, and testing, we arrived at the design for the perfect New England ski. We call it the Artifact, our most popular model.

We built a ski that is so versatile you can ski it everyday, every way, and it just won’t quit. The Artifact isn’t part of a quiver; it is the quiver.

The Artifact is designed for reliable, exceptional performance on any terrain, in all conditions. 96 underfoot is the perfect width: Fat enough—with slightly rockered tip and tail—to provide float on an East Coast powder day, but not so fat that you can’t lay it over with ease on fresh corduroy. The combination of a maple and poplar core and carbon fiber stringers make for a ski that is simultaneously light, snappy, and strong. With tighter carving capabilities, the Artifact is nimble enough for cruddy bumps and hidden off-piste glades. And with traditional camber, it has the stability underfoot to carve beautiful arcs on hard-packed groomers—even when they turn to blue ice late in the day.

At the core, Amalgam Skis is a Maine ski company. And the Artifact is the core of our line. So rest assured: If you live and ski in New England, the Artifact is the only ski you will ever need to own.

That’s why we call it the all-around, every day, New England ripper. 

*Read more about the technology that goes into each pair of Amalgam skis here.

Length (cm) 158 168 174 180 188
Turning Radius (m) 15 17 19 21 23
Tip/Waist/Tail (mm) 128/96/116

Artifact Testimonials

“The composition of the chassis is really well balanced between vibration control, energy and power delivery and they can take lots of pressure without folding up and washing away.  Great feel underfoot and yet they are damp at speed and well mannered across surface and terrain changes.  Your shapes are also well balanced with good turn initiation and finish with user-selectable radius adjustments mid-arc or well-behaved large turn holding power and feedback.” ExoticSkis

"First of all there a great all around ski, in the woods on the groomers and they don't start flopping around at 60+. I look forward to my next pair." --Steve H.

"I love them. They are great skis. They perform really well in the conditions I've put them through. They feel lively and connected to me, like an extension of my body. They go where I want them to. I've skied a pair of the same skis as demos last season all over sugarloaf in pack powder, groomers, and ice.  This year I've skied the ones I own several times at Sugarloaf and black mountain.  I haven't skied them in deep powder, but the stuff on the side of the trails have been fun." --Nick C.

"I absolutely love my new Artifact 158 skis. I have already skied them 3 days and I haven’t even had them a week.  They have preformed phenomenally in just about every New England Condition.... fluffy moguls, springlike conditions and refreeze hard pack/icy conditions. Now all I need is a powder day. Maybe tomorrow.  Thank you!"  --Sue D.

"Better than all the demos I tried last year. They do anything I want, in any condition including ice, bumps, and corduroy. Highly recommended, five stars!"  --Chris K.

"While we purchased these boards to be our powder skis, we are happy to report that when the slopes get all cut up and later scraped down to the slick, these skis ride and hold like a frontside ski.  Very enjoyable!"  --Alan & Timmie

"I have skied these in all east coast conditions (shin deep powder, trees, groomers, bumps, & ice), and have zero complaints. For me, the turning radius is perfect. I'm skiing the 174 Artifacts. Roll your ankle, and hold on! I like the way the skis look too: simple graphics/designs that catch your eye. Made in Freeport, Maine underfoot is cool too."  --Charles N.