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Engineers. Builders. Designers. Artists. 

First of all: We are Skiers.


To amalgamate is to merge and unite, to fuse and blend. We are skiers, first and foremost, but we are also craftsmen and builders, mechanical engineers and scientists. We are designers and artists. We are nature lovers, mountain lovers, and environmentalists. For us, Amalgam Skis is about combining all of these things and more. 

Our ski design process begins philosophically and conceptually in the mountains. We think about the lines we like to ski—across a variety of terrain—and the ways we like to ski them.

Our roots are deep and they are East Coast roots. We have become Teton skiers, British Columbia skiers, and Sierra skiers, but we will always be East Coast at the core. No matter how miserable the conditions, we praise them. Because we believe that any day skiing is the best day. We are, and have been, racers and park rats, big mountain freeskiers and backcountry powder hounds. We ski deep powder snow and untracked lines whenever and wherever we can. But we also ski on blue ice. We ski in the sleet and the rain. We ski in the bitter cold and the sloppy heat of spring.

Why do we do this? Because more than anything else we love the core, foundational act of skiing: Soul skiers through and through, we love the turn. And no matter the conditions, if you have a properly designed and well-constructed ski—and the right attitude—you can always lay down a good turn.

At Amalgam, we make skis that help you chase that perfect turn. And we want them to work every darn day, no matter the mountain, no matter the terrain, no matter the conditions.

We have gotten to this point through years of research and prototyping. We have built and tested hundreds of iterations for each model in our line. Our skis are the perfect union of our skills, passion, and professional experience: traditional New England craftsmanship and high precision design and engineering.

The foundation of Amalgam Skis is a combination of high tech manufacturing and hands-on finishing. We utilize a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) milling machine to shape all of our ski components with precision and repeatability. Then, like the craftsmen we are, we press and finish each pair by hand. This allows us to offer our customers a ski that is computer designed and handcrafted.

We build our skis with meticulously selected, high quality materials. Our cores are made from maple and poplar sustainably in New England. We also use bio-based renewable resins in our manufacturing and continually strive to find ways to reduce our environmental impact.   

We like to think of it as new school technology meets old school craftsmanship, with a heart. And it makes for a ski that performs exceptionally well across the board, year after year.

Our skis are durable, snappy, and stable. We love building them and talking about them—almost as much as we love skiing on them.

Building skis for a living is a dream come true for us and we love it so, so much. We know that if you get on a pair of Amalgam skis you will feel the love and care that has gone into the design and construction of each individual pair. These skis rip, because we build them that way. 


Who We Are

Philip Taisey, Co-Founder

Phil is the brains and brawn of Amalgam. Learning to ski at a very young age at small Maine ski hills like Lost Valley, and working as a commercial lobsterman through his teenage years, Phil developed strong appreciation for both work and play in the natural world.

Phil is an engineer by trade. He earned a BS in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University, and his pre-ski building career found him in numerous laboratories and workshops honing his engineering skills. His passion for the ocean and an interest in marine engineering led him to a job with General Dynamics at Bath Iron Works, where he was part of the team responsible for large machinery on Navy destroyers, including the propulsion systems and power generation.

If Phil’s engineering background doesn’t get you pumped up… Well, it should: Because this professional experience in high tech engineering and design transfers perfectly into building really awesome skis. But what makes Phil unique as a ski designer is that he is not only an engineer. Phil is also a traditional craftsman and builder, with deep woodworking and boat building roots.

Manufacturing skis that are both precisely engineered and hand crafted is the perfect uniting of his myriad talents and a true labor of love. A detail-oriented perfectionist by nature, Phil spends his days literally sweating the small stuff in the workshop. Each pair of Amalgam Skis comes out perfect because of the care and devotion Phil shows to his science and his craft. 


Amy Taisey, Co-Founder

Amy has a classic Mainer ski pedigree: A Sugarloafer since the day she was born, as graduate of Carrabassett Valley Academy she competed internationally in alpine ski racing. She is exceedingly modest, and would never say this out loud herself, but no matter the mountain, chances are pretty damn good she is laying down some of the nicest turns on it.

During the weekdays, Amy is a Physician Assistant working in orthopedic surgery. She specializes in sports medicine and is passionate about the care she gives to patients with athletic injuries and general orthopedic conditions. 

Amy has spent a lot of time in her life with skis on her feet and feels lucky to have lived amongst some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. She has traded many summers for winters in New Zealand, stood in awe of the Alps, and lived in the light, dry champagne powder of the Rockies.  But nothing has Amy’s heart quite like her home mountain of Sugarloaf; she is an East Coast skier to the core.

Amy plays an integral role in both design and testing of Amalgam's ski line; part of why they ski so well is because she skis so well on them. She also does the lion’s share of the work that doesn’t go on in the workshop: Marketing, PR, web design, customer support, and on and on.

Amy and Phil both ski Sugarloaf all winter long and spend as much time as they can on mountain bikes and boats in the summer. 


Peter Willhoite, Director of Brand and Content Strategy

Pete has been involved as sounding board and trusted advisor since the idea for Amalgam was first born. Now in a more formal role, he does everything he can to let the world know how awesome Amalgam skis are. Really, they're the best! Skis! Ever! Try some! You'll love them!

Pete grew up in Freeport with Phil and Amy, but moved West after high school. After graduating from Stanford University and a brief, out-of-character stint in the dotcom world, Pete heard big mountains calling loud and clear. He spent the next decade as a ski bum in Jackson Hole—though he prefers the “soul skier” nomenclature. Under the rugged watch of the Tetons, Pete transformed from a racer on skinny carving skis into a big mountain freeskier. Over the course of his time in Wyoming he developed a insatiable appetite for steep, exposed faces and deep, untracked couloirs. Despite all that cowboy powder and his status as a cantankerous Jackson local, Pete never lost touch with his East Coast roots and is known for his annoyingly optimistic take on conditions no matter how shitty they are in actuality. He believes any day skiing to be the best day ever.

Pete has since moved back to California, where he splits his time between San Francisco and shredding the Sierras. Pete loves California because he gets equal access to the mountains, the ocean, and the cultural wonders of the Bay Area. But every year around October he starts to miss the Tetons dearly. Granite Canyon will forever be his happy place.